Do you need holidays?

Holidays remind of great trips abroad with sunny weather and warm sea water. Many of us are able to take 1 or 2 weeks off and get together with family or friends to have a great time. This is a great opportunity to visit new countries, discover interesting cultures and taste delicious local dishes. But do we really need holidays? Can we work 365 days a year without a full week off?

It doesn’t matter if you are a coach or an athlete you have to work really hard to achieve your dreams. As coaches we spend many hours a day to help students improve their tennis and life skills. Our mission is always more important than salary we earn so we put much more effort into our jobs than it is required. It simply means that we work more, care more, and rest less. It is effective in the short term but it can have disastrous effects with further perspective. The same thing happens to ambitious players. They train really hard on the court, spend more and more time in the gym, and play more tournaments than ever before. Each activity puts a lot of tension on their bodies and we shouldn’t also forget that many situations encountered during these actions are enourmously stressful. Physical and mental stresses are common factors responsible for burnout so it is smart to consider whether holidays can help us.

Modern sport is a fast-pace world. People demands more from themselves as well as from others. If you want to succeed in any field you have to put much work than athletes/coaches even 10 years ago. I am a big follower of sentence: „HARD WORK PAYS OFF” but as with any rule you have to find a smart balance. If you only work without proper rest sooner or later your body and mind will tell you to stop and you will have serious problems related to your career, family, and even your health. More not always means better. When there is a time for work do it with your heart but when there is a time for rest you have to also learn how to do it. I know it is not easy to rest for highly motivated people but believe me it can make miracles for your career. So to answer the question – YES you need holidays.

Holidays don’t have to be long because it all depends on your needs. Mostly 7-10 days is enough to enjoy benefits of away time but some people need more than that. Place where you go and company are also individual. Some prefer to stay home with the closest family members while others love to go abroad with friends. It doesn’t really matter which option you pick because THE GOAL is to relax. If you achieve it it means your holidays went really well.

So why do you need holidays? Here are some points that you can consider while booking 1-week trip to Hawaii this evening:)



  1. Rest

    Resting is important. As a player you work mostly physically so your muscles have to recover. As a coach your job is based on mental aspects so give your brain some air. You work really hard so you deserve some rest.

  2. Recovery

    Tennis world is a planet of athletes so we are all aware of injuries. It can happen to everyone. As we know it is much smarter to prevent injuries than to cure them so recovery is the most important aspect of this professional approach. Use holidays to have less injuries.

  3. Relax

    Maybe you think that relaxation is the same as rest but it is not entirely true. Different people need different methods of relaxation. Some find it more relaxing to sightsee foreign countries while others can’t imagine relaxation without a SPA visit. No matter what makes you feel great make sure you have plenty of it during your holidays.

  4. Discover

    Going to new places and meeting new people can really improve your steps toward career’s goals. Sometimes other’s perspective or single thought can make you start thinking in different way. One situation can change your life forever. Why wouldn’t you try it during your holidays?

  5. Miss your work

    I know it can sound silly but if you are ambitious you really can miss your work. It works exactly as with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. If you don’t see each other for a longer time you start to miss each other so when you finally meet you put more effort to spend great time together. The same can happen with your tennis. 10 days off can make you a different coach/player and we know that high level of motivation is the first step to achieve top results.

    So when do you book your holidays?


Marcin Bieniek is a professional tennis coach and founder of instructional website Marcin has been working with USTA, top 100 ITF and WTA/ATP players. He is a frequent contributor to TennisPro and TenisKlub magazines and he was a speaker at International Coaching Tennis Symposium 2016 at Hilton Head Island, USA. 


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