What tennis players can learn from other sports?

Tennis career is a long-term process. Professional tennis players have longer careers than ever before and it is not surprising to see them competing after 35th birdthday. Recreational players have even bigger opportunity to stay competitive because there are many tournaments created for different age groups. To constantly improve and achieve good results players have to… Continue reading What tennis players can learn from other sports?

Should coaching be allowed?

Tennis players build their performance during daily practice sessions. They work with their coaches on technical aspects, tactical improvements, physical abilities and mental skills. Every minute of the practice is planned with one goal: to take player to the next level. Coach helps in all aspects during training sessions but he can’t be helpful during… Continue reading Should coaching be allowed?

Mental lessons from Australian Open 2019

The first tournament of Grand Slam 2019 is done. These were 2 great weeks of many interesting matches. Some of them ended surprisingly showing some more light on players that didn’t play big role in tennis in the past. Tiafoe, Tsitsipas and Collins got to the level that allowed them to compete against top players… Continue reading Mental lessons from Australian Open 2019