The secrets of 14th (and maybe more) Roland Garros titles for Rafa Nadal

This year’s Roland Garros was exceptional. Rafa struggling with tiredness, horrible injury of Zverev and unexpected rivalry in the final. Rafa Nadal collected another title on the courts in Paris but this time, he had to use some specific skills to be able to deal with all obstacles on the road to the triumph.

3 learning areas to accept to become successful tennis player

There are many challenges on the road to become the next tennis star. Every day, players have to deal with many situations that will have positive or negative impact on their development. Learning which areas are crucial to improve and accept some situations over the course of the career are 2 really important parts of successful tennis life.

Drop shot’s priorities

Summer season shows how different surface creates new possibilities to win the match. We can observe that players who know how to execute drop shots, can have tremendous advantage over the rivals who want to play the same game as they play on faster surface. However, it is important to pay attention to few aspects related to drop shot to make sure that this shot gives us advantage.